Aside from hearing good things come to those who wait, I’ve also heard another saying…There’s no such thing as fighting fair, there’s only fighting to win. I wrote a post the other day that was inspired again by Adam Kuban and Adam Roberts and yesterday’s post was a culmination of what it was I was trying to say about bloggers…Dare to be different.

No Virginia, there is no Santa Claus and by that…I mean there is no consultants job at the Food Network. There is no fairy tale ending to what I have been doing but that’s ok because that isn’t why I was doing it. I’m doing it to be different, I’m doing it for my love of food, I’m doing it for my love of writing, I’m doing it for my own and hopefully others entertainment, I’m doing it to hopefully rattle some cages even though at times those cages seem empty or the occupants seem downright dismissive.

I’ve never spoken to Brooke Johnson of the Food Network, nor been to their studios in New York and I’m fairly sure she has never read any of the three emails I have sent to her, nor ever would. But that’s ok because she has to do what she thinks is right and good for the network she is in charge of. She has shareholders and others she is beholden to, to make sure she runs a profitable business. Just because it isn’t anything I or most of the people that read this would find enjoyable, doesn’t mean she isn’t doing a “good” job or at least what we consider to be a good job.

I’m quite positive if Brooke Johnson ever called me it wouldn’t be to admit any wrong doing, but rather to tell me to piss up a rope or something similar. I’m good with that as well because the chances of me believing it was her would be slim to nil and slim just left the building. I’m not waiting by the phone for her call, and I’m quite certain a phone call from the senior editor at Sky Magazine is not forthcoming either.

What I hope to have done with my last post is to have made a few people chuckle, and maybe make you think a little about what you can do to be different. Step out of the world of cookbooks and recipe writing if only for a post or two to let people know about you and what you have to offer as a Blog. Be yourself to let others see that, and I think you’ll find it will help you achieve your full potential as a food writer/blogger.

I guess I also did it as a bit of a play on April fool’s day as well.  “Hey Pav, it isn’t an April fool’s joke if it’s done after April First!” Potato Potatoh, I say bullocks…so why is it ok to set up a prank for April fool’s, weeks and sometimes months before? I say hey, what’s good for the goose! I also don’t believe in fighting fair, I’d rather fight to win.

Let me assure you that I will never advocate a show that is about cupcakes, and those who know me know why. I will never promote a cooking show that has anything to do with feeding pets people food. As far as the show about “An Amateur Idiot Abroad” given money to pay for food, with foods they are comfortable with being expensive and “weird” food being cheap to see how far they could get…well I’d actually like to see that one.

To those of you who don’t know me I hope you’ll continue to check in from time to time. If for no other reason than for the occasional chuckle, or to see me rant about something that will make you realize you’re pretty well adjusted compared to the likes of me. Of course you may just enjoy the fact that The Cat often times gets the better of me, by beating me at chess, and is the reigning Mahjong world champion…or at least that’s what he tells me.

To those of you who know me from Serious Eats, or for my dear friends from Serious Eats Water Cooler on Facebook, I am sorry if this hacked you off. But maybe from now on, you’ll know to be on your toes, and you’ll start thinking outside the box. Trust me when I tell you, if I ever did get such a job and I wanted to let you know…it would be over some beer and pizza between one and three on a Sunday at Paulie G’s… but I won’t make Adam pay for it this time!  

As always, thanks so much for reading and enjoy your day…


19 thoughts on “NO VIRGINIA…

  1. Dr. I should probably go back and put a bit of a header onto each one so as they don't get read out of order. Oh, and I actually do have a kegerator! Thanks for reading, it's much appreciated!

  2. OK, you're redeemed Pav! After reading your previous post, my thoughts were, this guy is either a nut case or a jokester – and the latter is always preferable. Ha!

  3. Yrs I do Tupper…I can set it to cool to a particular temp in 1 degree increments…sometimes its good to be me! Maybe if we have a hear together this summer, I'll bring it.

  4. "Let me assure you that I will never advocate a show that is about cupcakes, and those who know me know why." I know your dog choked to death on cupcakes when you were a kid, but you really have to get over that already.

  5. Huh, and there I was thinking I was an Asshat…turns out I was a shithead instead! Thanks for being a sport Tupper…Love you too brother! Uh, does this mean you don't want me to get an 18 pack now?

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