Bathing Suit Season Started When?!

Week 2…no that wasn’t a gravy stain on my shirt, but yes those were bags under my eyes.

Most people hear the call for bathing suit season in January, just as the last New Year’s confetti hits the floor. I hear the call for bathing suit season about the time you can’t find bathing suits in the store anymore. This year was no exception except this year I want to do something more than chuckle and grab a sandwich with extra mayo, this year I want to lose some weight.

I have a knee that has seen better days so the thought of running would only occur to me if I were on fire, plus I’ve never seen a runner smile. I have two bad shoulders so lifting weights can only be done in moderation and it looks like what we used to call “girl push-ups” will be in my repertoire. I’ll be doing plenty of sit-ups and crunches as I never minded either, although the end result was never a six pack but rather a well shaped keg. I’ll also be utilizing other forms of static and resistance training to round out the program so my body doesn’t know what the hell’s going on. It shouldn’t be that hard to confuse my body as I don’t believe it’s all that smart in the first place.

Ok so ole Pav plans on some basic exercise, is that it? No of course not, if losing weight were that easy I would have done it already, or at least had The Cat do it for me. I also plan on getting some walking/hiking in the equation and if I take my truck it’ll take about a third the time. Yeah alright so no truck, although I may get a bike and mix it up a bit but there’s no way in hell I’m wearing padded bike shorts, the last thing my ass needs is spandex…or padding for that matter.

I’m a cook who loves cooking and over the years I’ve tasted a goodly amount of my food and I have to say, I’m a fan… a big fan. That said I need to pack in lots of flavor, so how do I do that? I plan on still using real fats, just less of them. I’ll utilize natural sweeteners like maple syrup, fruits and raw sugar. I don’t like artificial sweeteners although I’ve probably consumed enough to have a tumor the size of a head of cauliflower that has replaced my brain, which would explain a lot with regard to my writing. How about leaner meat, you bet. I’ll also be utilizing spices, ramping up the heat, use a wide range of vegetables, legumes and tiny amounts of pasta/potato. 

Here’s a big one for me, portion control. The first girlfriend I brought home to meet my folks was given half a grilled chicken and on the table sat a dozen ears of corn and mixing bowl filled with mashed potato, for four people. The first time I met her parents I remembered thinking I could eat everything on their table and go for a cheeseburger. I need to seriously cut back to the amount I would normally get when going for thirds.

Lastly, I think honesty plays a big part in a person’s weight loss. It’s easy for me to rationalize “Let’s see I had a Caesar salad for lunch so eating a key lime pie is fine, I mean… there’s friggin lime in it!” I’m too much of a sneak thief to be honest with myself so I’ll be honest with you…the three people that read these posts on a regular basis. In just over two weeks I am down fifteen pounds. I’m hoping to lose maybe 30-40 more depending on how much new clothes are going for. I’ll let you know how it goes. Any encouragement, comments, jeers or generally calling bullshit on me will be appreciated even if it isn’t liked. 

19 thoughts on “Bathing Suit Season Started When?!

  1. Best of luck, Pav. The bit about portions and the first GF’s parents’ house resonated. I feel like I could cut way back on my portions and still be full/satisfied. It’s easier to do when cooking for yourself, obvs, but even then I often go overboard. Sounds like you’re making headway fast.

    • Thanks Adam! Yeah well cooking for one isn’t easy either as most things aren’t portioned for one, but when using a lot of fresh vegetables that makes it easier.

      • Yeah, I hear ya. We always end up buying Cook’s Illustrated’s “Best of the Year for Two” issue. It pares down the serving size of their year’s best recipes for 2 people. Thing is, lately I’ve been trying to do big cooks of stuff that freezes well. Thing with that is, often then I just eat 2nds or 3rds instead of freezing… D’OH.

        • Adam, I’d always make things in large amounts with the thought I’d have leftovers the next day… the next day would come and all I had to show for it were empty dishes in the dishwasher… LOL

  2. Pav, congratulations – 15 lbs. in two weeks is more than enough to prove you are serious about this. I have been there a million times (without the weight loss) – I am 67 now and keep on trucking – last year I got polymyalgia rheumatica, a condition that required large doses of Prednisone – it took just over three months to regain the 26 lbs. I had lost over 3 years of blood, sweat and tears – now I am being weaned and I am hoping I can have something to show for all the hard work – anyway, enough about me – keep up the battle, it doesn’t matter how fast it comes off, just keep plugging away. Many young males lose weight quickly and maybe you are one of the lucky ones. I am thinking about you. BTW, I am pretty impressed with your blog page set up!!

    • Oh thanks very much Judi! Yeah medical issues can definitely stymie weight loss… I feel for your situation and hope it improves dramatically and soon. I’ve always been able to lose weight at a decent pace, but it helps being uber motivated and utterly sick and tired of where I am with regard to weight. Have a fantastic day.

    • LOL… I’d send you some if I could Sharyl. I think it’s a matter of getting to a point where you’ve had enough… that’s where I was… the losses and gains both add to my motivation.

    • Thanks buddy, hope you’re enjoying your summer vacation ya bastage! 😉 I know it’s well deserved my friend. I just wished they didn’t pay you teachers so many gobs of money! HA!

  3. Sounds like you have a pretty good grip on things, nobody wants to feel restricted – that’s not long term. It’s more about developing healthy habits with the things you enjoy. Getting to know nutritional profiles help, but forget the fad diets – they don’t do anything but cause unhealthy relationships with food.

    • I think in my pea sized brain I look at a “diet” as we define diets today as short term solutions to a longterm problem… I prefer to look at what I’m doing as reprogramming. Thanks for reading Roddy.

  4. Losing weight is a pan in the ass. I hate “diet” food. You couldn’t pay me to eat fat free cheese, you know? That said, I’m a hell of a good healthy food cook, and when I decide it’s time to start dropping the lbs, I’m always surprised how good the food is when I do. Which this is now reminding me of. I look forward to your kitten shots when you’re done.

  5. it’s not easy…if it was everyone would be skinny…when I get pissed off at mysefl I just remind myself of this one plain truth…i am the ONLY person responsible for what goes in to my body, I have 100% control over it…so yeah, sometimes I make horrible choices, and sometimes I make great choices, but when I don’t like what I see there is not one person to blame but myself, so I start again…and again, and again…I will always struggle with what is good/bad for me, as long as the good stuff wins the majority of the time, I will consider that a success and move along 😉 portion control is my big problem too, I get it. Good luck!

    • Thanks Carrie, I appreciate the kind words. I’m not going to deprive myself of “bad” food, I just need to limit it and not let the lazys win on nights I’m to tired, it’s too late etc… those are the nights I just need to eat a broke assed salad and be done with it rather than look through the frozen section… I mean really, every store makes salads now even though they’re crazy money…but what’s crazier is 1200 calories vs a couple hundred. Have a Happy! Pav

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