Plateaus in Weightloss

What happens when you step on a scale three days in a row and you’re going nowhere?! Nothing. What do you “do?”… Everything, just differently. I think when you’re doing all the right things like eating well and exercising you have certain expectations that the end result will be weight loss every day. Just as you have expectations when you buy a lottery ticket you’ll be telling your boss to piss up a rope. Sadly, it doesn’t always happen. I’m just glad my boss is an understanding guy and next time I’ll check the ticket first.

When it comes to weight loss your body has a fun way of pitching curve balls, and it’ll make you want to swing your bat at the bathroom scale. I think it’s only natural to become frustrated and angry as you denied yourself that bite of a bacon slaw dog your bastard workmate offered, and you were tied to the treadmill like a monkey to a crack dispenser. I try to look at these plateaus as an opportunity.

I didn’t lose anything, so what?! There are any number of reasons why this happened but that’s not for you to figure out. You just keep treating your body right and it’ll eventually respond in kind. I use it as a motivational tool to do something different in my workout routine, and eat differently. I have a friend Madelyn who will be proud to know I took a day and ate vegetarian. I haven’t been a vegetarian for a day since my mother fed me strained peas and sweet potato in a high chair.

Your body finds ways to regulate things when done over time and it’s up to you to keep your body guessing. You have to change things up by adding something new or taking something away in your workout routine.  When it comes to dietary changes it’s a good idea for me to keep changing things. Lack of change leads to boredom and ultimately it can lead to poor decisions. When I get bored I’m that kid in the sandbox who leaves his Tonka truck in lieu of a cat turd.

When should you switch things to affect change in a plateau? Well I can’t tell you when, but I know when it’s time for me. I know when I didn’t do enough in my workout. I know when my diet or portions were poor. You can’t fool yourself and If you can you’re a fool. Working for a healthier you is not a fool’s errand. It takes a lot of hard work, commitment and self-control. If you’re thinking you can trick lie or connive yourself into better shape, you my friend may as well get in the sandbox and play with that cat turd. 


I was that bastard workmate and this would have been a typical meal for me. These are natural casing Essem hot dogs with spicy Asian slaw and applewood smoked thick cut bacon on split top New England style rolls because the store was out of Martin’s Potato Rolls…Aaaaamen. Now put down the candy bar and do some crunches.

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