Workweek Eating While Dieting

Meals can be a challenge when you are trying to lead a healthy life and still be a productive member of society during the workweek. I’ve been told by a certified nutritionist that five to six smaller meals a day with an emphasis on breakfast are optimum for kicking your metabolism into gear. I’ve never been a grazer, but this nutritionist gets paid very well to know a lot about healthy eating and I get paid very poorly to know how to be an unsuccessful writer and what time the liquor store closes…so I took her words to heart.  

Breakfast is usually pretty simple and consists of a couple pieces of fruit. Eventually I’ll add things like granola or yogurt when I’m closer to my goal but for now I’m keeping it simple. Breakfast used to be a hangover, two cups of coffee, three aspirin and avoiding human contact. I like the new breakfast routine much better, with the ancillary benefit of people not mistaking my eyes for two tomatoes floating in bowls of buttermilk.

Pre lunch I try and carry things like hard boiled eggs, cut fresh vegetables, a slice of cheese or some unsalted nuts. By now I’m feeling a bit hungry so this is a welcomed snack. This used to be an opportunity to grab a bag of chips, candy bar and a soda to get through the rigors of sitting in a car seat and talking on a phone.

Lunch, my urge to swing into a fast food joint used to be stronger than the urge for Wildebeests to migrate through alligator infested rivers in Africa. When I absolutely have to do fast food I get the garden salad (I stay away from the meat and cheese) as almost everybody offers them now. I’m careful with the dressing and carry a bottle of hot sauce and mix half the dressing (usually ranch) with an equal amount of hot sauce. The added spice level makes the salad satisfying. Remember the idea isn’t to become full from lunch but rather, to satisfy the appetite.

Pre dinner is a snap and I go back to fruit or nuts as they’re quick and easy to keep around. I used to not eat during this time of day because I was still stuffed from lunch. Instead I would use this time thoughtfully to decide which gut-bomb casserole I’d make for dinner and ponder the wonders of elastic waistbands.

Dinner I try and multitask; I make just enough food so there’s barely enough for lunch the next day which keeps me from hitting the aforementioned fast food restaurant. I’ll also cook up hardboiled eggs, extra meats for salads or cut fruit for fruit salad. I try to get all my kitchen stuff done at the same time so the only excuse to go in there is for water or making sure The Cat hasn’t gotten into my whiskey again. With a little bit of prep work and planning, eating healthy during the workweek is fairly simple…and it beats making excuses as to why my ass is the size of a Buick. 


Week 9: Lost 47 lbs (For my European friends that’s 21.3 kg or a small boy with a bad haircut)



Yup, five o’clock shadow and goatee… but at least I was having a good hair day.

2 thoughts on “Workweek Eating While Dieting

  1. Lookin’ good, Pav! Nuts are my go-to when I need a healthy snack on the run–or a small piece of cheese. It’s amazing how filling ‘real’ food can be. It took me years to realize: “duh, fake, processed food just makes me more hungry.”

    • Thanks Mary, appreciate you taking the time to read and leave a comment… yeah right there with you on great snack item. Walking through the grocery store shaking my head at all the processed crap is a becoming pretty routine for me now. What makes it worse is seeing people loading the family grocery cart with it. I’m fine with kids eating some crap now and again and God knows I ate my fair share when I was younger, but I’m talking 80% of the cart is crap! UGH! Thanks again for reading.

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