Instagram Worthy Food and Dieting

I’d like to make all my meals “Instagram worthy” but like most people, I have a life. Sometimes life gets in the way and I don’t have time, patience or energy to be “Little Suzie Homemaker” with the perfect meal and look, I learned how to fold my napkin to look like a swan! Sometimes eating is just an annoyance and something you have to do, like taxes or listening to your neighbors talking about their trip to Barbados. Don’t worry about how pretty your food is but rather, think about what it is…Sustenance.

This goes doubly true for anybody who has made dietary changes in their lives. After about six weeks most people with a life are pretty much tapped on what to eat to keep their diet exciting and visually appealing. I’m no different and if I’m being honest I was tapping out after my second week having topped arugula or mixed greens with everything but cat hair and doughnuts. After a long day of dodging work and lying about the work I haven’t done to my boss, the last thing I want to do is think about dinner. I mean I didn’t think at work, why should I have to think in the privacy of my own home?

Armed with this brand of non-thinking and needing to make dinner, I’m oftentimes inspired to make it quick and painless. These nights are decidedly not meant for Instagram, as I’m sure nobody is scouring the internet looking for undercooked asparagus and overcooked haddock. That said it works in accomplishing the goal of getting sustenance. This frees my brain to go about important tasks like keeping me breathing and helping me picture the woman in 3B topless.

What I’m saying is this; not all of your meals have to be home runs served with a side of sexy, just think of it as function over form. When you have the energy, time and inspiration to make something fun for dinner you should run with it.  Feel free to break out the bird’s beak paring knife to get your tourne on and, when was the last time you used that mandoline?!  Use these moments to carry you through the drudgery of sliced chicken breast with green beans…again.

Even my pretty dishes turn mediocre as tomorrow’s lunch. They are cooked to a near perfect temperature then at lunch you give them three minutes of radar love with the end result the texture of silly putty.  My less pretty dishes are usually eaten alone and in shame but really… I’m just satisfying my appetite, nothing more. I think part of the reason I had/have a weight problem is because I made more out of food than it really was. Now I look at food as something I have to do and at times I can have some fun with…I only wish the same could be said for the woman in 3B. 

Week 10: Total lost is 51 pounds. (23.13kg or a Fiat…pretty sure any model)


Sure… this is exactly how I eat every night… don’t you!? This is what I consider a success… and a pretty little plate of food.



This is a typical night, slightly overcooked green beans and Haddock that had seen better days and toasted pine nuts… But you know what?! I liked it anyway.


4 thoughts on “Instagram Worthy Food and Dieting

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  3. I think your meals have been looking great! As a blogger, when I started out, I was in the mentality that I had to bake every week like the uber-food bloggers I admired. I totally burnt out although the one good aspect of that was it TOTALLY killed my sweet tooth. I cook every day but quite often it is a green vegetable and some form of meat protein. Or yogurt and veggies or nuts, cheese, and veggies. Photographing EVERYTHING you eat like some bloggers do makes me feel very self-conscious. It is one thing to photograph a meal but if I photographed an entire day, I would be worried about people judging me.

    • yeah I mean I’d actually like to take a snap of most things I eat but more for me than for Instagram or the like… In the beginning when I started blogging I never added pictures because most of the time it was a rant on food… now I add the odd pic here and there. Thanks for reading Mary!

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