Diet Cheaters

I’ve been checking out health blogs lately to make sure someone hadn’t discovered a carb and calorie free way to make spaghetti tacos. While the blog posts were fine the thing I found shocking were the comments. People were talking about the different diets they were “trying” and discussing the merits or pitfalls of said diets in nearly the same sentence they admit to cheating. This was invariably followed by a sentiment of resolve to get back on that horse and keep riding while other comments cheered them on.

First off I’d like to reiterate my thought that a diet is a short term solution to a long term problem. If you’ve decided to cut a supersized fry, large soda and a Big Mac a day out of your daily routine until you lose enough weight to start doing it again, then Ronald isn’t the only clown at that restaurant. Thinking you can handle making smart long term food choices after a “diet” ends is setting yourself up for failure. You need to look at the root of the problem.

I looked long and hard at what and how much I was eating to determine my daily caloric intake. Then, I looked at the daily caloric needs for people of varying degrees of activity. According to my calculations I was eating enough food to fuel a three hundred pound hummingbird. I knew that being healthy was simple; the problem was I knew it was harder than sitting on the couch and wishing I was healthier. I needed to stop eating so much food, make smarter choices, and start exercising…for the rest of my life.

Those three things are what you need to do to be healthy and it sucks a fat one because you’ve got a long road ahead, but that’s the deal and you know it. When you “try” a diet and said diet doesn’t work because of this or that, it’s really just a convenient excuse to keep stuffing that hole in your face. This is especially true if you think diets are meant for cheating when it’s convenient, and then you blast them when you can’t fit your size 12 chair cushion into a pair of size 8 skinny jeans. Diets don’t work that way and in the end diets stop.  

Making the hard choice to change your entire lifestyle is not easy, because you’re trying to undo years of bad habits overnight. That said I’m not one of those people that will give you a hug you when you cheat or offer empty platitudes like “you can do it.” When you cheat, you’re screwing yourself so knock it off and stop sucking. You’re an adult for the love of Cheez Whiz, and you know better. There is no easy way to get in shape and there are zero shortcuts. It’s hard damned work and sacrifice, but in the end you can eat what you want and at the same time understand what extra calories cost.

 People are rarely given the keys to a brand new Ferrari just by walking into the dealership. People have to work really hard for them or at the very least, work pretty damned hard to steal one. Don’t expect results without the effort, because it’s never going to happen. If you want your body to be sexy like a Ferrari, get your Hyundai ass off the couch and work it until it is one. 


Week 11: Total lost to date is 54 lbs. (Eurofriends that’s 24.5kg or 19 liters of Mayonnaise) 



Grilled squash, zucchini and Egplant to be used as “pasta” for lasagna.




4 thoughts on “Diet Cheaters

  1. Great post. I love the advice in “17-day diet,” because the good doctor coaches you for that time when you finally meet your goal. You CAN have a piece of birthday cake or some other forbidden food once a week and maintain your weight. The wonderful thing is… once you get there, you may be surprised to find it doesn’t taste as good as you remembered 🙂

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