207 Foodie-The Critic Beyond Critique


Since you’ve blocked me from making comments on your food blog “The 207 Foodie”, I figured I’d grab your attention via Twitter so that you don’t lose the opportunity to learn and grow… or at least the opportunity to stop shitting on food, the cooks who make the food, punctuation and grammar. I’d also like this opportunity to offer up a challenge to you as well. More on that in a bit…


I’m going to say a few things that may sting, but as you’ve graduated from college with a BA in English I know you have at least one pair of big girl panties so you may want to put those on before reading any further. I know it’s hard for your generation to take criticism. Especially growing up wearing a helmet everywhere and playing “everybody ties there are no losers” t-ball your whole life but trust me, there are always winners and losers. The difference is the winners learn from their mistakes and move on, while the losers bury their heads in their collective asses.


You’re not a very good writer and your knowledge of food and the critiquing thereof is in question as well, and by “in question” I mean that pretty much sucks too. Your use of grammar and punctuation leads your reader to not only question whether your BA in English should really be BS, but also your mental well being.


I know this sucks ass because I’ve been there. Well I didn’t actually spend tens of thousands on a degree I’m not very proficient at, and thankfully I was blessed with the gift of taste buds and logical thinking. But I have been critiqued before. In my case it was by an editor, and I broke down their thoughtfully considered letter giving me honest criticism and turned it into a blog post shitting all over their thoughts. Yup…I was a douche nozzle. You chose to block me as a way of protecting your words, your…”babies”. The good news is in time, it’s going to get better if you’re open to criticism.


 I find it interesting when food bloggers critique restaurants, that restaurant’s food and by extension the people who make it… but are somehow above critiquing themselves. I have a word for those people, assholes. The good news is you don’t have to be an asshole your whole life. Believe it or not when someone takes the time to write a comment on something you have written it’s because they were moved to do so in some way by your words.  You choose to almost never acknowledge comments and I call horseshit. You’re in Maine now so don’t be afraid to pull the stick out of your ass and get your polite on.


Feel free to respond with a “thanks” if it’s a positive comment which I’m hopeful will happen for you soon, or at the very least “I’m sorry you feel that way, thanks for reading.” To ignore or block someone who has commented on your work without at least a “go screw yourself” is not only rude, but also ignorant. Just because you’re out of college doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Thus the challenge…


I’d like to do a joint review of a place of your choosing in Portland, Maine. Sight unseen and no edits from the other… then share each other’s blog link to see the other’s post. We don’t have to eat there at the same time or even meet each other. Just write about the same place. Think about it…. could be fun. I won’t mention you in my critique at all… you can feel free to bash me in yours.


I await a reply…





34 thoughts on “207 Foodie-The Critic Beyond Critique

  1. As someone who just started reading your blog because it was recommended to me and as a social worker I am extremely distraught. You should realize that this post makes you a bully. Your use of “I know you have at least one pair of big girl panties so you may want to put those on before reading any further” is threatening and uncalled for. You should realize after current events that Internet bullying is a HUGE issue in this country and that you have no idea how Sarah might interpret this. She took the high road by blocking you. As, for your use of criticism, you should have been constructive with yours and how she could improve her writing to appeal to more people.

    Also, how dare you bring mental health into a tiff about a blog. That is something completely irrelevant to any of the points you make. This post makes me more concerned about your hostility and anger, than any comment you made about Sarah or her knowledge of grammar. Mental heath is nothing to joke or make snide comments about it is a serious issue. I think you need to realize the implications for some of the words you use in your post.

    Finally, if you’re so concerned about grammar and punctuation, why don’t you do something productive and become a teacher? That way you can help people learn how to write correctly and you’ll make an actual difference in students’ lives.

    • Dearest Sensitive Gentle Reader,

      First off I don’t for a second believe you started reading my blog at someone else’s behest. Otherwise you would have become quite offended and boo hoo’d your way out of here some time ago. Based on your comments, you are far too sensitive to have ever read my past posts without running for a valium and going to a support group. Let’s call you what you are, a troll.

      I would take your comment about “Bullying” seriously if I were 7. It has become very fashionable for people who don’t agree with something written to label it “bullying” whenever it mentions another person. I am not one who subscribes to this.

      How dare I?! Well, because I can and did. I said “…question….your mental well being.” I didn’t call her a fuckin nut job. I know plenty of mentally unstable people as I work in the food industry, and a goodly number of these people read my blog and weren’t offended in the least. I’ll bet you’re a laugh a minute around the water cooler. Drag your guilt ridden angst onto someone else’s blog.

      Finally finally?! *crosses fingers* With regard to me being concerned about her grammar I can assure you I am most definitely not. It does make her writing hard to read at times just as my shitty writing is hard to read at times. The difference is, I’m a complete fucking hack and she is an English major.

      I do on occasion teach…pretty scary isn’t it?! Lucky for you I teach culinary arts. The professional kitchen is not a place for shrinking violets. We use terms like “stop sucking”, “Get the fuck off my line” and “unfuck yourself” with great frequency. But I suppose there are some children who could benefit from my brand of teaching…I’ll give it some thought.

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.


  2. This entire entry was uncalled for. I don’t intend to read your blog again at any time “Pavlov”. At least, not after this immature and disrespectful blog.

    Everyone is entitled to their own rightful opinions, and there is the freedom of speech, of the press, and what have you. But, in all honesty, NOBODY WANTS TO READ A BLOG BASHING SOMEONE ELSE’S BLOG UNLESS YOU HAVE A REALLY GOOD REASON TO BACK UP YOUR BASHING THEM.

    Not only did you contradict the majority of what you were criticizing Sarah about, but you also made a new face for yourself and that is the “insecure asshole” face. Clearly you have some insecurities. People block others for MANY reasons, and maybe you should re-evaluate your own actions and writing(possibly being why you were blocked in the FIRST place) before you go pointing out unnecessary and irrational points about someone you DON’T EVEN KNOW IN PERSON.

    Just because someone blocks you doesn’t give you any good reason to go writing a nasty blog about them.
    In my opinion, YOU are the one that needs to put on his “big boy panties” and learn that in the world of media there is no room for taking offense or bashing others work just because you PERSONALLY have an issue that has ABSOLUTELY no relevance, such as your comments not being acknowledged.


    • Dearest Anonymous, (If that is in fact your real name)

      Don’t be silly, there’s plenty of room in the “world of media” for bashing others. I could have come up with lesser reasons to write this post but rather than blaming The Cat for prompting me to do so, I chose the one I did. Hmmmm… blog etiquette, if that’s not an oxymoron I don’t know what is. “Insecure asshole face”, well I’ve been called worse things by better people. A number of chef instructors and fellow cooks come to mind, but I actually respect their thoughts.

      Anytime a blogger posts something for public consumption it is fair game and open to ridicule, and if they can’t handle that they should be writing in a diary and not blogging. You’ll kindly notice (not that you’re ever going to read this again) that I have not blocked anyone from commenting on this or any other piece I have ever written. *shrug* Thicker skin perhaps!?

      It’s funny you should say nobody wants to read a blog bashing someone else, because there actually seems to be a lot of people who do. The thing I find amusing are the people most vocal about what I should and shouldn’t be writing about are all hiding behind the moniker “anonymous”.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Insecure Asshole Face

  3. Interesting that Pavlov should have so many grammatical critiques for Sarah. Hilarious, even, considering he clearly does not know how to properly format a quote or use a comma. Then there’s his overuse of ellipses–an excellent indicator of just how childlike and stilted his writing really is.

    “You choose to almost never acknowledge comments and I call horseshit.” This is not even a sentence.

    “internet” is a proper noun, and should therefore be capitalized. “Butthurt” is not a word.

    “I’m going to say a few things that may sting, but as you’ve graduated from college with a BA in English I know you have at least one pair of big girl panties so you may want to put those on before reading any further.” Three words: RUN ON SENTENCE. Most writers, no HUMANS, learned how to avoid these in middle school English.

    But my most substantial criticism of Pavlov (there is a material difference between “criticism” and “critique,” by the way–look it up), is that this ADULT MAN believes he is somehow entitled to a response on every comment he gives. Pavlov, you are not God’s gift to the world of culinary journalism. No one is obligated to take your advice, however well-meaning, and any blogger is within their rights to bar you from their site and/or comments section. In short, you are an entitled hypocrite, and I recommend you do some soul-searching and self-reflection before doling out any further (poorly executed) hatchet-jobs.

      • Yes, the job was well said!!!!! I’m not sure I have much to add!!!!!!!! Maybe a few exclamation points!!!!!!!! Slow your roll anonymous!!!!!!!! Other people may need exclamation points and you’ll have wasted the last fucking ones on my dumb assed blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Now, since you know so much about grammar, how about you go and correct some of 207 foodie’s grammar? Here’s a good one to start with: “So, many Portlander’s may not know, but Empire has went back to its original roots: a Chinese restaurant.”

      Good luck, babe. There’s a lot of problems in there.

      • Why is it that people on the internet feel the need to be grammar nazis? Obviously this is not the most grammatically correct sentence in the world, but why do you care? You understood what she meant, right? You have enough brain cells to figure it out? Good. Don’t be a dick about it.

        • That cut deep Elizabeth… I’m going to tell the social worker who posted that you’re bullying me. I feel the need to drink Jameson because of people like you. I don’t care about grammar unless it’s written on the front page of your blog that you’re a friggin English major.

          I like being a dick… it’s part of my charm. There are brain cells up there, I can hear them rattling around. Now get over hear and lets hug this out…and stop at the liquor store on the way. It’s not polite to show up empty handed.

    • Dearest B22 (BINGO!)

      Where do I even begin…It’s not your fault you haven’t had the benefit of reading my past posts of openly calling myself a non-writer so don’t beat yourself up for picking gnat shit out of pepper with regard to my horrible writing… Now saying I’m not God’s gift to culinary journalism really hurts, as I always fancied myself the next M.F.K. Fisher…Now I’m positive I never said I was entitled to a response on every comment I give, but I could be wrong… I’d be happy to do some soul-searching, sadly I was born a ginger…Yes, I am entitled but I’m not a hypocrite… with the exception of spam I have very few comments made on my blog that were ever left to dangle in the wind… I appreciate all comments/criticisms people take the time to leave me and respond in kind… Yes any blogger is within their rights to bar me from making comments, and I’m well within my rights (Rule 185B subsection C in the Uniform Blogger Code) to call them an asshat (hope that’s a word)… Yeah, middle school English… I may have been out the day they were teaching run on sentences but I’m fairly sure I was there every time they had Spanish bar cake and then I would ride my bicycle with friends over to the lake but only after taking my Adderall… Thanks very much for taking the time to comment…I’m only sorry you’ll find it was a complete waste of time after reading my reply…. The upside is you got to practice using excellent grammar and sentence structure… you got mad English Skillz… Have a Happy!

  4. I’m hearing a lot of negative and hateful comments from everyone. That includes myself. We haven’t heard from the owner of this blog and I would really like to know his thoughts on why he created this little blog about 207 foodie! And no I am not a sibling nor am I in grade school. I am very disappointed in that person for thinking and saying that.

    • Negative comments doesn’t make it a bad post… People were pretty jazzed about Mein Kampf and look how that turned out. I created this post about 207 Foodie because I could, and I did. Had I been able to comment on her blog I wouldn’t have had the need to post my own thoughts here. I didn’t require a response to my comments on her blog, but if you’re going to write something you believe in at least have the courage to hear other people’s thoughts on the subject. I hope that answers your question… is that Mr or Miss Anonymous?

  5. I must say, I was appalled upon reading this so-called “critique.” It is understandable that you might be feeling bitter after Sarah blocked you, and that you may have some not-so-positive opinions of her blog. You have a right to think whatever you want of her. However, this is no excuse to publicly trash her and to say the things that you said about her. Calling someone an “asshole” and telling them that their writing and taste “suck” is not and will never be a “critique.” You claim that you are trying to better her with your criticism, but it seems to me that you just took your own opportunity to “shit all over her.” Sarah took the higher road and blocked you (and it is easy to see why), instead of starting a fight. You, on the other hand, decided to take a vicious stab at her on the internet, because that is what the immature do these days. The fact that you wasted your energy in writing this piece suggests that you are the childish one. In conclusion, as your screen name would suggest, you are, in fact, a dog.

    • Elizabeth, thanks for taking the time to comment… WOOF! Sarah blocked me I suspect because I made comments on her previous posts. I made comments on the content of her blog and on her lack of food knowledge. Did the “asshole” comment go over the line? Yes, it did. As for saying her writing sucks (as a food blogger) it’s an opinion and I am entitled to that. People rave about J. D. Salinger and I think his writing sucks…I’m pretty sure he won’t dispute me. I took the opportunity to shit all over her writing because I could. I hold no ill will towards Sarah personally as I don’t know the woman but would love the opportunity to co-write something with her. I don’t suspect she will accept but the offer is there. Childish, perhaps. I do have a forum to speak, and I spoke…dum vivimus vivamus.

  6. someone needs a life here and i think it is you sir! you’re a grown ass man who raining down on someone younger than you and that has a college degree!! what does that say about you? the fact that you wrote a whole page just to bash someone is very immature. and how dare you call someone an asshole who you never have met. when she is writing she doesn’t want to write analytically, but so to start conversations. if she wanted to write analytically she wouldn’t be writing reviews on a restaurant, but writing for a political piece. how dare you!

    why would you want to write a joint review with someone when you have called them an asshole? and big panties? seriously? what are you 12?

    • Haha looks like someone else needs to learn how to proofread, amirite?

      Pavlov, your article was a delight to read. I don’t think it was an attack in any way. You offered constructive criticism to someone who clearly struggles to write. Well done, sir.

    • I was just trying to say what was on my mind. Wasn’t planning on being a grammar nazi about everything. And who says amirite these days anyway? if we are being grammar nazi’s about everything then amirite should not even be said!

      • Goodness, you don’t need to get so worked up over a comment. Put your big boy/girl pants on. It’s ok, you can do it on your own. I believe in you! But you should probably proofread what you write before you post it. Your rant is unbecoming, and your argument is weak.

        I wish for a world where the people of the Internet write like the poster of this blog, and not like 10 year olds. Would mean we’d have less problems like 207 foodie and this anonymous poster, who I can only assume is the grade school sibling of the 207 foodie. Good lord.

        • As someone who has witnessed this mess via facebook on the side of 207 foodie. A specific person issued a “call to arms” to call pavlov out, hence the anonymous user shaming everyone. Just goes to show that people look out for their own regardless of logic. From what I understand the critique was a bit extreme but it was written by someone who has worked within the food industry which lends it some credibility. Regardless, both sides shouldn’t get all butthurt over stupid shit on the internet. That being said if you’re going to argue a point you really should proofread it and word it properly for people to take you seriously. Personally I’d take pavlov’s side on this bout.

          • Shempi… I appreciate your thoughts and thanks for the kind words. I never get upset about negative comments hurled at me via my blog. Everybody has an opinion and fortunately mine is right. 😉 There was a thread about this on FB?! Well if a “call to arms” produced a dozen comments on behalf of 207 Foodie… I suspect most of her followers commented at least twice.

    • Dearest Anonymous (again)

      Ugh, from your lips to God’s ears… I do need a life as The Cat is getting tired of playing chess with me. I offered to teach him Stratego and he just sneered and went back to writing his memoires. Yes I am immature, I’m looking to play Stratego with my cat for fuck sake! I took the opportunity to write the piece because I had time in between kazoo lessons and hitting small pebbles with a ping pong paddle. I’m sure Sarah is a strong woman who let this roll off her back and moved on. I doubt very much she’s going to need doses of Thorazine to numb the pain of something a dumbassed blogger wrote about her. I’m not sure what writing analytically for political pieces has to do anything, but I suspect it would be more entertaining than reading her restaurant reviews. As to her age and level of education, I didn’t realize a writer had to be of a certain age to be critiized. I suppose that’s why I wasn’t invited back to the local elementary school’s “Young Writer Conference” after I screamed at them to “STOP SUCKING!” How dare I?! hmmm…I dare, therefore I am.

      Thank you very much for taking the time to comment.

      Nanny Nanny Boo Boo….

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