When I’m not making a nuisance of myself in local restaurants, or working full time doing social media consulting. I’m eating or hanging with chefs, food writers, foragers, suppliers etc…

I have a culinary arts degree and did everything I could think of to stay away from the industry. I was in the game for about 10 years and was able to extricate myself for a few years only to turn around, and want desperately to be back in it. I found writing about food and the characters involved in the industry was the lesser of  the evils that can make up this life that I can’t seem to find any quarter from.

It is full of some of the hardest working, lazy, thrifty, wasteful, honest, lying, upstanding, degenerate bastards you can ever hope to meet. It’s a world of highest highs and lowest lows but at one time the passion for one thing fueled every last one of them…FOOD.

What I write here are my thoughts about food and the industry as it relates to me. Sometimes good and sometimes snarky it’s always from the heart.

I hope you enjoy.




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